Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager is another tool that is essential to creating the ideal website that gets the traffic and the revenues rolling in. Also called GTM, this allows website owners to add tags to their pages without the help of a coder and without needing to type in long codes into each page of the site. This tool helps make the work of adding tags to all the pages of a site easier. It also helps make the management and tracking of tags easier as well.

Those who want to be able to easily add a variety of tags to their pages without having to depend on a webmaster or a coder can use this tool. This can help you incorporate your google analytics code into all your pages without having to go into each one to do so. It can also help you remove or edit any tags that you feel should be deleted or tweaked.

Who is This Course For?

This course is a great follow-up to a Google Analytics course and is one that should be taken by those who are serious about keeping a close eye on their site. This course is also ideal for those who don’t want to bother asking a coder to help with integrating analytics codes into their website pages but want to be able to generate analytics reports easily and accurately. This is a good course for those who want to supplement their search engine optimization and analytics skills with something that is easy to use and is actually very useful.

Course Objective:

To give individuals the skill to integrate tags into their website pages without having to depend on a coder to do so. This course also aims to help people easily tweak their site to carry tags that can help with analytics and tracking of conversions. This course also aims to elevate a person with Google Analytics background to a higher skill level, to enable them to aim for a more lucrative career in digital marketing.

Course Outline

Your Instructor/s:


Your course fee entitles you to attend the Google Tag Manager Training Program, a certificate of completion after the course, reference materials in PDF form, and other add-ons that your course trainer sees fit for you to have.

What to Bring:

On your scheduled training date/s, you will need to bring your own laptop.