Training Programs


PTB Digital has a number of key offerings for you to choose from when it comes to learning valuable skills to succeed in the world of digital marketing. Our main offering, which is the forte of our founder and head honcho Jun Baranggan, covers all aspects of PPC or Google Adwords, and this is divided into 5 different modules, focusing on the many different areas where this paid ad service of Google can be used.

Of course, as a digital marketing training hub, we offer other courses as well to cover the array of jobs that are available in the industry. These courses include Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, SEO 101, Social Media Management, WordPress Website Setup, Facebook Ads, and Digital Marketing Fundamentals. We also offer Course Bundles for those who want to learn more than one discipline, and these can be custom-fit to suit the needs of groups and companies that want their personnel to learn specific skill sets.

How We Teach 

Our training programs are all set to run over the weekend, with more in-depth training courses running a couple of days (Saturday and Sunday) to a couple of weekends in order for our students to get all the information that they need from us. We make it a point to give our trainees all the information about a specific subject to enable them to effectively use what they learned in the real world. We hold our sessions during weekends to give those who have work during weekdays a chance to learn something new. This will enable them to either earn extra on the side or to embark on a new and more lucrative career.

One of the things you will notice about our training programs is that we always follow a set pattern that helps a person truly learn everything they need in order to gain ample knowledge that they can use. This is why we require each person enrolling in any of our training courses and programs to bring their own laptop. This is to ensure that when they try to use what we have taught them, they know how to work on the tools that are used for these modules.

You Ask, We Answer

We also encourage our students to ask questions. This is in order for them to truly understand what they are learning and to remove any misconceptions they might have about the tools, the modules, and the tasks that they need to complete. This teaching method also helps them think objectively and to be quick on their feet.

Aside from the aforementioned courses, PTB Digital Training Hub is also looking to add more modules to our list of training programs. We do consider what our clients need when it comes to digital marketing courses. If there is a need for a specific course to be added to our roster of courses, we often oblige when we find that it is beneficial to those who need to learn the ropes of Digital Marketing.

New Courses Added

Check back constantly with us to see what new courses we will be offering, which may include content creation, content management, content marketing, advanced SEO, and other master classes for our other courses. These will be added to our training program list over time.

For those who subscribe to get email notifications from us, email blasts will be sent regarding these new additions as well as schedules for such modules. You can also follow us on Facebook to keep yourself updated on when our training programs are set to happen and what new developments PTB Digital Training Hub has down the line.

To find out more about each course that we offer, click on the course that you are interested in to read about it. If you would like to enroll in any of our training programs and want to learn when these will be happening, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page.


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