Google Analytics


Google Analytics is an invaluable tool that you need to use if you are serious about getting your site to do well. This helps you determine a number of things that will help you improve how your site looks, what content it has, how you run your social media campaigns, and even how you run your PPC campaigns. Analytics tracks the traffic coming to and from your pages, giving you insights on a lot if important statistics.

Those who learn how to not only use Google Analytics, but to also read the reports that are generated by it, will have access to information that can help them create a site that gets a lot of targeted traffic as well as generates lots of revenues. This is because the data that you get with the use of this tool will tell you where people left off on your site, where people came from before they got to your site, and lots of other information that will prove very useful in creating a lucrative website.

Who is This Course For?

This is a great course for everyone running a website and planning to run a website. This is also a great course for anyone who loves gathering and analyzing data, and is looking for a way to break into the digital marketing industry. Those who are doing PPC will also benefit from learning how to do Google Analytics since it will help them improve how they target their ads and how to create better landing pages for these.

Course Objective:

To give students the skill to read data that is gathered from the traffic coming to and from a website and to be able to help them determine what course of action to take when this information is gathered. Those who choose to learn how to use Google Analytics will also be able to improve their analytic skills and use this to tweak everything that has anything to do with their website. These include social media campaigns, pay-per-click ads, and even affiliate programs that websites might be running.

Course Outline

Your Instructor/s:


Your course fee entitles you to attend the Google Analytics Training Program, a certificate of completion after the course, reference materials in PDF form, and other add-ons that your course trainer sees fit for you to have.

What to Bring:

On your scheduled training date/s, you will need to bring your own laptop.